Rebuilt RDN Servo Flyknife Cutter

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Rebuilt RDN Servo Flyknife Cutter Model SC-2A

Cost: $9,995.00

SN 51552

  • RDN Servo Fly Knife cutter mounted on Steel Cold Roll Frame.
  • Model SC - 2A, Mfg Date: 8/24/06
  • 42 ½” centerline unless otherwise specified.
  • Digital & discrete pushbutton operator interface
  • Demand cutting, End Sense Cutting all included
  • New Quadrature Encoder
  • New Encoder Cable
  • Yaskawa Servo Motor, 5.5kW Motor
  • Timing Belt Pulley reduction for increased torque - approx 600 RPM blade speed
  • Steel Guard painted Safety Orange
  • Capable of holding 2.25” OD Bushing
  • Start Stop Push Buttons
  • Manual Cut Button
  • Safety Circuitry including bushing sensors, cutter disables when bushings removed
  • Machine jack screws for leveling
  • V-Groove Casters for easy movement
  • Machine is 240V / 3 ph / 30A
  • All Electrical Components Housed in steel enclosure by RDN
  • Steel Blade holder with one blade included
  • Blade lubricator for soapy water
  • Red Lion counter: 4 output relays for 4 programmable cut lengths in succession or 1 cut length at a time.
  • Cut length in inches, mm or other units. Fully programmable
  • Machine has been repainted, includes RDN electrical schematic and additional hardware paperwork. Machine is in very nice condition.