4.5" NRM Extruder 24 to 1, 200HP AC Motor, AMS Factory Reconditioned

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SN 16038, Year Built 1975

Cost As Quoted Below $89,150.00

480/3/60 Control Panel housing the following:

    1. New Digital auto tune temperature controllers, QTY (5) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (5) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including Crydom 90 amp Solid State relays, new circuit breaker protection, new wiring and new thermocouples.
    2. New Motor STOP/START Station, New Digital screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays and new ten turn potentiometer.
    3. 200 HP AC Motor, new
    4. 200 HP AC Motor Control, new
    5. Used 30 KVA General Electric 480 VAC to 230 VAC transformers for die power.
    6. QTY (5) New Blowers for barrel cooling.
    7. New Finned Cast Aluminum Barrel heaters wired for 480 VAC
    8. New Gefran Pressure Monitor alarm audible 1st alarm, and second alarm, motor circuit shut down.
    9. New Digital Melt Temperature & Pressure Display Gefran 40TB
    10. New Pressure Transducer 0 - 10,000 psi
    11. New relays for barrel cooling
    12. Main Disconnect 600A
    13. Motor control disconnect General Electric 300 A
    14. New Eaton Breakers throughout machine for circuit protection
    15. Qty (2) 1 kVA Transformers, qty (1) for 110 VAC Blowers, qty (1) for 110 VAC control supply voltage
    16. Qty (5) receptacles for adaptors and die heater power
    17. Qty (2) convenience receptacle, 480V 3 phase with circuit protection 20 A each

 Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following: 

    1. 24 to 1 Bi-metallic barrel reconditioned and honed
    2. 24 to 1 Screw rebuilt to fit barrel
    3. New Stainless Steel Hopper Approximately 500 lbs Capacity.
    4. NRM Double Reduction Gearbox, 1975 These are some of the best ever made
    5. Gearbox is fully rebuilt with new seals and bearings
    6. Machine to be geared approx. 0-117 Screw RPM.
    7. Direct Drive Motor Tucked under Feed Section.
    8. Steel Guards
    9. Barrel covers with New Insulation.
    10. Entire Machine completely disassembled rebuilt and repainted.
    11. New motor coupling
    12. Machine to be painted AMS Industrial Tan