Cast Film & Sheet Stand: Chrome Roll Care for Plastics

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Cast Film & Sheet Stand: Chrome Roll Care for Plastics

Do you extrude plastic film or sheet? Have you ever thought of buying a used cast film stand? Then you must know that the chill rolls are easily damaged and must be inspected closely. Proper care and maintenance is a must. We cannot emphasize enough to customers and their team how important it is to use the right tool for the job. Chill roll care is no different and even more important as the rolls for larger machines can cost in excess to $100,000 each! 

Shown above, we have a used 8” Killion Cast Film Roll. More often than not, we see these rolls getting damaged at customer locations due to negligence or lack of proper tools. Whether the operator is too lazy to get the appropriate brass tool, or managers don’t acquire them and enforce use, the rolls are easily dinged, nicked, and scratched. Even the smallest scratch may cause deformities in product. 

Once damaged, the machinery may not be able to meet Quality Control requirements and the line sits idle until the rolls are refinished. Refinishing a roll requires stripping the chrome, OD grinding the surfaces, and then applying new chrome. Even worse, the roll may need to be replaced all together depending on the tolerances and circumference required for the machinery.







To avoid this catastrophe we recommend using brass tools, like this brass scraper purchased at IMS Company. IMS Company has many brass tools available, and if used gently can help prolong the life of your chill rolls. Daily inspections and team meetings can help reinforce proper procedures and care for your chill rolls. 


We also recommend Autosol Mold & Die Metal Polish which is specially formulated to remove plastic and carbon residue build up on highly polished chrome surfaces. Use this on your chill rolls and other tooling for safe keeping.

If you have a roll that is damaged, AMS can rebuild it for you. If you want a quality rebuilt Cast Film Stand or Sheet Stand, we inspect every detail for you and rebuild the rolls as needed. Check out some of our available machinery by clicking on the links below. 

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