Rebuilt Extruders

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3.5" Inch NRM Extruder - Rebuilt

3.5” Inch HPM Extruder, 50HP, 24:1, For RPVC

3.5” Inch Polytruder Extruder, 75HP 24:1 w/ABB drive Under Power PARTIAL REBUILD

3.5" Inch Davis Standard Extruder TO BE REBUILT

1.25” Inch Davis Standard Co-Extruder, DS-125, Pedestal Mounted w/Tilt & Swing

1.25" Inch MPM Plastic Extruder, 7.5HP, 24:1 REFURBISHED

1" Inch Killion Horizontal, 3HP, 24:1, Extruder Being Rebuilt w/ All New Parts

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A.M.S. has been rebuilding extruders since the company's inception. Each machine is rebuilt, and sometimes re-engineered, to provide the customer with reliability. Systems may be custom designed or rebuilt to meet your exacting needs.

Start up support is available. The machines are rebuilt with durability in mind and feature high quality components. Customers who purchase rebuilt extruders from AMS range from start-up companies to medical companies.

Nearly all of the Customers prefer the value and strength in the older gearboxes. Combined with new state of the art controls, rebuilt extruders by AMS offer a winning combination of reliability and cost savings.