AMS is a leader in downstream extrusion machinery and technology. From software to mechanical designs and tooling, the equipment is constantly evolving and improving. We have high-speed straw lines running at over 1,300 FPM and we have machinery running plastic lumber under high torque at 30 inches/min. Our diversity and skill set is deep and we are ready to work with you on any of your projects. 

Innovation at AMS happens daily. Our team is constantly discussing and striving for ways to do things better. If it can make things simpler and easier for your operators, we do it. In addition to daily discussions about improvement, we hold US Patents: 8807163B2, 9056419B2 & D758462S. 

Our patented Air Vac Tank is designed for thin wall, difficult to extrude, tacky materials such as low durometer Pebax. We have proven that these materials are easier to run on the patented Air Vac System. 

Air Vac Vacuum Tank Pebax Extrusion

During the recent increase in the popularity of 3D printing, a small educational tool was designed and patented to extrude 3D filament. The purpose of its design was to create a simple machine to enable teachers and students the ability to cost-effectively and easily extrude filament. More importantly, the design allows students and teachers to have digital readouts for pressure, temperature, and various RPMs on the machine. 

Other major innovations include an online thermoforming process proprietary to AMS. After several years of development, the technology is ready to be utilized in other facets of thermoforming. 

AMS Online Thermoforming Process