Extrusion Lab Testing & Plastic Extrusion Machine Rentals

 Dual Pay Off Sheet Stand for Extrusion  1.75 mm 3D Filament ABS PLA Extrusion 
AMS offers its plastic extrusion laboratory, 'The Lab', to all customers for testing, development, and even emergency manufacturing support. The plastics Lab allows Customers to utilize AMS inventory for trial purposes. Test your idea or your new polymer on our equipment. Full scale-up services provided. We will run the extrusion equipment for you with nearly any plastic polymer you wish to extrude. UV testing, microscopic measuring, tensile testing, laser measurement, etc. are all available for product analysis. Purchased time in The Lab can be applied towards a future purchase as well. The Lab is always outfitted with several extrusion lines, including: 
  1.      AMS 3D Filament Extrusion Line 
  2.      AMS Tubing Line
  3.      Davis Standard Cast Film System w/Payoff, Edge Trim & Winder 
  4.      Killion Cast Film Stand
  5.      Killion Blown Film Tower - Bubble approx. 4" diameter 
  6.      Davis Standard 3 Roll Sheet Stand with 8" Wide Rolls
  7.      AMS Servo Cutter
  8.      Numerous tubing dies will a full library of pins & rings
  9.      AMS Sheet Dies up to 12" with adjustable lips and choker bar
  10.      9" AMS Sheet Die with Flex Lip
  11.      Tri Layer 16" Cloeren Sheet Die including A-B-A layer capability 
  12.      Material Dryer, Water Chillers and Curing Oven
  13.      Several Laser Measuring Gauges 

Call Brandon at 561-833-9898, or send us a detailed message about your next project!

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