Rebuilding Services

We Rebuild Extruders

AMS was founded on the principle that older extruders from the 70s had some of the best gearboxes made and the machines could be rebuilt with modern electronics and perform as well as a new machine. Twenty-five years later, the same principle applies. We rebuild all extruders up to 6", with each machine receiving updates and options requested by the Customer. The extruders feature a warranty and are ready to hit your factory floor running. Outfit the extruders with any motor control, barrel, screw, or tooling you need. All work is performed at the AMS facility in West Palm Beach, FL.


NRM Extruder Gearbox Rebuild 3.5" Davis Standard Extruder
Plastic Extruders NRM, Welex, Davis Standard, Killion  

Have a puller that you would like rebuilt?

Used Extrusion Pullers Rebuilt

Want a specific type of puller for your extrusion operation? Want an economical solution for your extrusion pulling needs? Inquire about a rebuilt AMS Extrusion Puller. From complete, frame off rebuilds to original specification, regearing the system for different speed ranges, to complete servo control upgrades, AMS will rebuild a puller to your specification. We have rebuilt every style of puller in the industry. Interested in a Rebuilt AMS Extrusion Puller?

    1) We can source a used puller and rebuild it like new, with warranty.
    2) You supply an old puller, we will rebuild it to your specification.
    3) Buy a rebuilt puller out of our inventory, if available.

From belts to motor controls, our rebuilt extrusion pullers are a cost-effective way to get exactly what you need.