Plastic Extrusion Turnkey Systems

AMS offers full turnkey systems, supplying your Company with all aspects of the extrusion system. We will simplify your new extrusion project by taking your product samples or sketches and delivering equipment to your factory meeting your production requirements. Call 561-833-9898 today to discuss your needs. 

Extrusion Puller with Zumbach Laser 3D Filament


We begin by starting with your product sample or sketches. Discussions and engineering support include material selection and sourcing, product improvement, and further innovation. Your manufacturing needs are discussed and quoted in a clear simple fashion. Details include machinery specifications, annual volumes, tolerances, and secondary operations if required. Our extrusion laboratory is at our disposal for any necessary trials.  

 Once the system is complete, your Company and technicians are invited to AMS for on-site training. The system will be installed and fully operational at AMS. All machinery testing and calibration is performed, as well as die tuning.

Samples are produced until all specifications are met and approved. During this time, your team will have the opportunity to view the equipment in operation and learn all the necessary details to operate and maintain the system. Knowledge will be passed along to ensure your team has the information needed to be successful in all aspects of extrusion, from startup and shutdown to developing similar profiles.


The added value at AMS that accompanies all turnkey systems will help ensure success. If you aren't successful, we aren't successful.