Extrusion Winders

AMS offers several standard winders and also builds many custom units. We have several variations to meet all your winding needs. From single shaft torque winders to 4 post winders, we have catered to many different winding applications. Our winders feature AC motors directly coupled to gearboxes which drive your spools. There are no chains or gears, so maintenance is reduced.

Due to the unique demands from every customer, most winders are outfitted as needed by each Customer. Our motto is 'Custom Machinery for Non-Custom Pricing'! Our control system enables our winders to run 24/7 with little to no maintenance and provide high quality tension control around the clock.

AMS Winders are built tough. In one instance, an AMS Winder was purchased and sized for spools with a finished product weight of 30 lbs. The same winder was upgraded to wind finished spools which weighed OVER 200 lbs several years later! This was done in 1 day with a simple motor and controls upgrade. Mechanically, the machine was unchanged.

Winders operate in torque mode and utilize several levels of tension control allowing us to work with any factory and any budget. Call 561-386-8561 to speak with a technician today!