Cooling Tanks

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AMS manufactures a wide variety of cooling tanks for your extrusion applications. The machines are built with durability in mind and can be modified to meet your needs. The cooling tanks are built out of stainless steel and mounted to stainless steel frames. The following options are custom tailored to each Customer:

  • Various pump size & HP
  • Various cross section
  • Various lengths
  • XY and/or Z adjustment
  • Heated Water System
  • Chilled Water System
  • Various tooling and inserts
  • Internal racks for mounting tooling
  • Digital displays for flow control and temperatures

Call AMS today for a quote. We will build a spray/cooling tank to fit your needs! Pictures and pricing are for budgetary purposes. Most tanks are build to suit and can vary in price and outfitted options. We do spray tanks, submersed tanks, heated tanks, etc. 

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