Service & Startup Rates


a) Per Diem Rates *

1. Field Installation $2,000.00/day Eight hour day, Monday thru Friday,

Mechanical Start-Up during regular business hours 

Repair Service between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Includes total time to and from the job site.


2. Field Process Start-Up $2,400.00/day Will be at prevailing rates in effect if

Mechanical Engineer time work is performed.


3. Field Software $2,400.00/day Work beyond the scope of any

Electrical Engineer contract will be quoted separately at

the prevailing rates.


4. Process Development Consultation $2,500.00/per day

Process Development does not include basic installation or commissioning services, which are available and may be quoted separately upon request.

5. Daily Rate for Rick or Brandon Bell $2,500.00/per day

b) Overtime *

Field Services $300.00/hour Weekday overtime and all hours

Prior to 7:00 a.m. or beyond 6:00 p.m. and all Saturday time. Total time not to exceed 16 hours straight. Includes total time to and from the

job site.

Field Mechanical Eng. $187.50/hour

Field Electrical Eng. $250.00/hour


c) Overtime *

Field Services $160.00/hour All Sunday and Holiday work and all

time in excess of 16 hours/day.


Field Mechanical Eng. $250.00/hour Over 16 hours a day and Sundays,

Holidays, beyond the scope of thecontract will be quoted separately 

at the prevailing rates.

Field Electrical Eng. $300.00/hour Over 16 hours a day and Sundays,

Holidays, beyond the scope of the contract will be quoted separately

at the prevailing rates.


d) Transportation

Auto-travel At Cost Auto mileage charges over the use of 

company, rental, or personal cars. Driving time is included in actual total time to and from the job site.


Public Transportation At Cost Transportation expense at cost based

on round trip fares for personnel and equipment. Time involves actual

total time to and from Job Site.


f) Meals and Lodging

At Cost All meals and lodging, to, from, and while at Job Site.


g) Holdover and Standby

Same as service Hold over and standby time (waiting 

rates. or on call) is considered service time and rendered at prevailing service

rates. This rate will be charged to retain a man at the Service Job Site

in lieu of this incurring additional expense returning to his headquarters


h) Borescoping

$640.00/day Per diem plus travel & living expenses


I) Barrel Measuring

$640.00/day Per diem plus travel & living expenses



1. All rates are net unless prior arrangements have been negotiated. 

2. Travel time is to be considered service time and rendered at prevailing service rates.

3. Rates for Field Engineering will be at prevailing rates in effect at time work is performed. 

4. Parts and materials supplied in connection with Field Service work will be priced in accordance with the Company’s published Conditions of Sales and Pricing Policy. 

5. The per diem rate does not include transportation, lodging, or meals.



1. All foreign service should be contracted on a weekly basis with travel added as incurred. Minimum trip – One Week. 

2. All foreign service limited to a maximum of six (6) weeks unless special agreement at time of contract.

3. Payment for services shall be in U.S. currency. All rates are net.

4. Foreign rates may be changed at the Company’s discretion without prior notice.

5. The company provides no warranties on service work either expressed or implied in conjunction with foreign service.

6. The customer has to supply the necessary labor, parts, tools, instruments and materials requisite to installation, start-up, or maintenance work involved. Automated Manufacturing Systems will provide only the technical assistance and/or supervisory personnel under these conditions.

Foreign start-up will not be normally honored unless ample spares have been ordered and on Job Site prior to actual start-up. The availability, shipping, and export many times delay and require extension of Field Service Engineers time on the site. Requesting spares is an attempt to shorten the actual start-up time and reduce expenses. Extended time as a result of waiting for replacement parts is at Customer’s expense.



1. Start-Up Assistance

The Company will furnish the necessary technical assistance to the customer so that he can start up a new installation with a minimum of delay and expense. The amount of time required will be determined by the complexity of the installation and will be shown on the sales order. The service will be applicable only for the equipment supplied b the Company on the current purchase order.


2. Function

The Company’s Field Service Technician(s) will check the line for completeness, check alignment and correctness of operation, make minor adjustments, and assist the customer in correcting and installation errors. The Field Service Technician(s) function is essentially advisory; the actual work being performed by the Customer’s operating and installation personnel. 

3. Responsibilities

The customer shall have completed the following checks before requesting start-up:

a. All units operated by air or hydraulic cylinders have been operated.

b. All water supplied and drains shall have been checked for adequacy of flow.

c. Steam shall have been turned on, units checked for thermal expansion, and vents checked for operation.

d. Accumulators shall have been checked, the sheave wheel having been pushed from one end to the other.

e. An adequate power supply has been supplied and connected and all motors, with the exception of the extruder static drive, shall have been run or checked for rotation.

f. All operator’s control stations shall have been checked for proper operation. 

g. The extruder has been leveled, using a precision level, per the instruction manual.

h. All vacuum pumps shall have been run and checked. 

i. All machinery is properly leveled and secured to the plant floor using adequate

attachment hardware

j. All power assist systems (gear motors with fore/aft adjustment) are properly installed and secured to the plant floor using adequate hardware.

4. Requesting Start-Up and Assistance

The customer shall notify the Company of his readiness for start-up a minimum of 10 days prior to the desired start date. There shall be adequate supply of raw materials, tools, and payoff and takeup materials on hand at the site. These should be sufficient to check the machine over the entire specification range. 


If, for any reason no the fault of the Company, the equipment is not ready or delay occurs which extends the start-up beyond the allotted time, necessitating a return visit, it will be at the customer’s expense and at our published service rates. Any extension of the start-up which is caused by warranty problems will not be charged against the allotted time.


A normal service call is defined as one where no work restrictions are placed on service personnel and where repair and/or revision is carried out in a prompt manner. In the event of start-up not meeting this requirement, the extra time which is consumed will be considered service time, chargeable against the start-up assistance allowance.

In the event that a normal service call is not experienced, and repair work is required which results in a back charge to the Company, the amount of the back charge will be allowed only with prior approval and to the extent of what the work would have cost if it were done by Automated Manufacturing Systems personnel. The determination of whether or not a service call is normal shall be made by the company.

Start Up Continued:

Customer Training during a Start-Up includes commissioning assistance and running the equipment. QA Sessions where questions in regards to the start up, maintenance, and operating of the equipment are welcomed. Production and Turnkey Services are separate and not included with the training.

Start Up Duration is per the quote.

Turnkey Service is not implied in Start-Up training. Production assistance can be quoted at $2,500.00/day separate of Start-Up training.

Service Performed by Start-Up Technician:


Check and adjust if required:

  • Head Clamp
  • Cooling system fans, duct work, and solenoid valves
  • Motor Belting, or alignment if direct coupled
  • Water flow to screen and feed section
  • Oil pump system for quantity and flow
  • Gearbox for proper running
  • Drive system for grounds
  • Drive motor for speed range and stable operation
  • Speed indicators
  • Drive system controls
  • Auxiliary equipment a.k.a. Downstream equipment


Downstream Equipment:

Check and adjust if required:

  • Operation of nip rolls, water pumps, hauloffs, winders, belt tensions, etc.
  • Operate all units for all functions
  • All electrical and hydraulic controls
  • Line coordination if a coordinated drive system was supplied


Instruct customer’s operating and maintenance supervision in the proper adjustment of the line. Insure that the installation meets the purchase specifications in all respects.

Additional Terms and Conditions applicable to all orders:

Installation, commissioning and training services does not include process development consultation, which is available and may be quoted separately upon request.

Should Buyer elect to forego the purchase of Installation and/or Commissioning Services from Seller, the Buyer then relieves Seller of all liability against any and all claims associated therewith; including, but not limited to, galled bolts, galling of contacting parts, surface defects including scratches, defective plating claims, leakage, and the like. Seller’s warranty of Quality Materials and Workmanship shall remain in effect in general accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Sale.