Fluoropolymer Medical Extrusion Line

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Simplex Extrusion System

Simplex, 'sim.pleks', from Latin, Adjective, Noun, 1. Single, simple; not complex.

The Simplex Extrusion System is designed to meet medical extrusion specifications. The Simplex Extrusion System only requires: 1 power connection, 1 air connection, and the chiller connection! All subassemblies are mounted on a rigid structural aluminum frame, with adjustment.

The Simplex Extrusion System can literally hit your floor running with just the three utility connections! The Simplex System can be setup with a wide variety of options to cater to your specific needs: from Precision Vacuum Tanks or water baths, godet stations for filament draw, to tubing or sheet and various extruder sizes, even vertical and tri-extrusion!

Below is an example of a basic Simplex System layout:

Extruder Specifications

    • 1" extruder can be used in line or run at 90 degrees to accept a crosshead die
    • Other extruder sizes available
    • Four zone heat/cool barrel and four zone heat/only die, auto tune, temperature controllers
    • Digital Motor RPM & Amp displays
    • AC Vector 5 HP Motor/Control
    • Extruder speed adjustment via 10-turn potentiometer
    • Fluoropolymer barrels available
    • In line die good for up to 1.25 inch extrusions
    • Precision air regulator and flow meter mounted at die for easy lumen control
    • Heavy duty in line gearbox w/ 0-300 screw RPM standard (different speed ranges available)

      Vacuum Tank

    • 7 in. X 7 in. X 4 ft. stainless steel vacuum tank with start up section
    • Heavy duty clear lids with gaskets
    • Heat exchanger
    • Vacuum pump and recirculation pump
    • Vacuum manifold and water manifold
    • All necessary plumbing
    • Water temperature gauges
    • Vacuum display gauges

      Water Bath, Puller, Cutter, Winder

    • 7 in. X 7 in. X 4 ft. stainless steel water bath
    • Closed loop receiving tank w/ in line filter
    • 6 precision adjustments for moving tank
    • 30 X 4 in. belt puller w/ 2 HP AC vector motor
    • Digital FPM indicator
    • Pneumatic open/close of puller belts
    • Cutter 1 in. thick aluminum top plate
    • Digital blade RPM meter, digital dual preset counter
    • Super duty wrap spring clutch, maintenance free
    • Traversing torque winder with permanent magnet motor
    • Puller and cutters can be upgraded to servo controls!
    • Custom electronics and diameter gauging interface are available!
    • All components, vacuum tank, water bath, puller, cutter and winder are integrated onto one frame
    • The vacuum tank can be upgraded to the AMS Air-Vac Model!
    • This extrusion system is custom tailored to your requirements at a non custom price!