AMS Extrusion Pullers feature direct drive, dual motor/gearbox setup. This means less maintenance, superior pulling and an awesome design. 

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Contact lengths up to 72" and up to 36" wide! We have pullers for solid rod extrusion featuring our SoliRod Control System, for solid rod extrusion. 

Line speeds as slow as 2 inches per minute, or up to 1,400 feet per minute!

Standard pullers are always in stock.

AMS Extrusion Pullers are being used in factories all over North and South America. From heavy structural profiles to catheter tubing, we have a solution for your factory. 

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Have an old GATTO Puller with valuable belts? We can outfit a new AMS puller to accept your belts. Check out the video below of the new AMS Puller outfitted with Gatto style drums: