AMS History | New & Used Plastics Machinery | Single Screw Extruder

The AMS Team

Automated Manufacturing Systems was founded in 1993. The company was founded around the troubleshooting and rebuilding of used extrusion equipment. The rebuilt equipment featured warranties, start up assistance, and production training. After several years, the company began to design its own equipment.

The designs were generated from years of previous machine building experience in the extrusion industry and from working on rebuilds. Design flaws were realized and improvements were implemented. New equipment was engineered and a new chapter of AMS was opened. This kicked the company into a higher gear as an entire line of downstream equipment was designed and manufactured.

Today, A.M.S continues to manufacture, improve upon, and develop its extrusion equipment and its machine capabilities by continuing to pursue better vendor pricing, more accurate and precise electronics, and refining in-house designs.