Extraordinary Machinery Developments - The Power of Smallᵀᴹ

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Extraordinary Machinery Developments - The Power of Smallᵀᴹ

For the past several years, AMS has been collaborating with our friends Plasti-Block and Omachron Plastics Inc to create sustainable use of plastics through innovative technology. Our perspectives have yielded incredibly innovative machinery that produce huge results. 

Check out the articles at the bottom introducing this new manufacturing machinery with a small footprint: both physically and environmentally.  While the concepts are physically small, their capabilities are anything but.  The machinery drastically reduces electrical consumption, and scrap to extremely low levels. 

With the recent news of GM, and the push to save the planet, the need to make the technology open to the public increases everyday. AMS is currently selecting specific customers for beta testing. If you think you might be a good candidate, give us a call at 561.833.9898.

What is The Power of Smallᵀᴹ ?

 Small businesses doing big projects with low amounts of capital;

  • Office-desk sized machines making large parts - 100 lbs and more;
  • On-shore, distributed manufacturing on a national or international scale;
  • Converting 100% waste plastics directly into viable finished goods - affordably and locally;
  • A sustainable and economical plastic molding and extrusion technology
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