1" Fluoropolymer Extruder w/ Wexco B022 Barrel, Tilt & Swing Pedestal

Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following: 


  1. QTY (3) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (3) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including mercury relays, circuit breaker protection and associated wiring and thermocouples, digital auto tune temperature controllers – High temp ceramic knuckle band heaters

   2. Motor STOP/START station, with screw RPM display, motor amp display and ten turn potentiometer

   3. 5 HP AC Vector Motor Control Yaskawa V1000 - Brand New

   4. 5 HP AC Baldor Super E Motor

   5. 480V / 30A / 3 ph

   6. Dynisco UPR690 Digital Melt Pressure Display with Display - Pressure Transducer by Gentran, 0-10,000 PSI - Cables

   7. Die heater receptacles qty (3) with circuit protection on/off


Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

   1. 24 to 1 Screw 888 design flights inconel 

   2. Wexco B022 barrel, qty 2 ports at end of barrel, 4 bolt end

   3. Stainless steel hopper with stainless steel shut off (Brand new to replace the one shown in photos)

   4.  20:1 Gearbox for max screw speed of approx 87 RPM (Others available)

   5.  Rupture Disc 9,500 

   6.  Frame Mounted NEMA 12 Control Panel - Stand Alone Panel to be bolted to the floor (can also be mounted to casters so it can roll on factory floor)

   7.  Stainless Steel feed section with sleeve and jacketed for water cooling

   8.  Barrel Cover is aluminum with high temperature insulation 

   9.  Extruder is bolt to the floor option, with steel plate with casters and leveling screws. This is a $3,000 option included with the machine (not shown in photos)

   10. Electronic, push button raise and lower, with manually adjustable angle