2.5" Akron Extruder Ready to Ship

Used 2.5" Akron PAK250 Extruder

Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following:

  1. QTY 4 HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY  3 HEAT/ONLY die zones, including solid state relays, circuit breaker protection, and temperature controllers
  2.  Motor STOP/START station, with Screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays, and ten turn potentiometer.
  3. 40 HP Blue Max AC Motor
  4. Yaskawa A1000 AC Drive
  5. Digital Melt Pressure Display/Melt Temperature Display.

Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

  1. Koellmann Gearbox in great condition
  2. Screw and Barrel
  3. Barrel blowers for cooling
  4. Fresh paint and fully load tested


Tooling and Hopper Not Included in Price