3.5" Polytruder Plastic Extruder

 Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following

    • AMS Digital Auto Tune Temperature Controllers, QTY (5) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (4) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including mercury relays, new circuit breaker protection, and all associated wiring and thermocouples.
    • Motor STOP/START station, with new digital screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays and ten turn potentiometer.
    • NEW 75 HP AC Motor 1770 RPM Vector Duty Motor
    • AC Vector Duty 75 HP Motor Control
    • 7.5 KVA 480 VAC to 230 VAC transformers for die power. 
    • QTY (5) Blowers for barrel cooling.
    • NEW Barrel heaters wired for 480 VAC. 
    • Digital Pressure Monitor alarm audible 1st alarm, and second alarm, motor circuit shut down.
    • New Thermocouple Jack for Die

Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

    • 24 to 1 BI-metallic barrel inspected and honed. 
    • 24 to 1 Extrusion Screw
    • Hopper Approximately 250 LBS. 
    • 9500 PSI Rupture Disc.
    • Heavy Duty Koellman German Gearbox
    • New Wiring
    • Barrel covers with New Insulation.

Sale Valid for Current Machine Inventory Only!