Rebuilt Extrusion Pullers

Have a puller that you would like rebuilt? Want a specific type of puller for your extrusion operation? Want an economical solution for your extrusion pulling needs? Inquire about a rebuilt AMS Extrusion Puller. From complete, frame off rebuilds to original specification, regearing the system for different speed ranges, to complete servo control upgrades, AMS will rebuild a puller to your specification. We have rebuilt every style of puller in the industry. Interested in a Rebuilt AMS Extrusion Puller?
      1) We can source a used puller and rebuild it like new, with warranty.
      2) You supply an old puller, we will rebuild it to your specification.
      3) Buy a rebuilt puller out of our inventory, if available.

From belts to motor controls, our rebuilt extrusion pullers are a cost effective way to get exactly what you need. Call us today!