Rebuilt 2.5" 24:1 Pacemaker IV NRM Extruders - TWO in Stock!

2.5" 24:1 Pacemaker IV NRM Extruders

Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following:

1. QTY (4) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (3) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including
relays, circuit breaker and associated wiring and thermocouples, AMS Temperature
Controllers. All wiring is new. Electrical components will be new and used.
2. Motor STOP/START station, with Screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays, and ten
turn potentiometer.
3. New 40 HP AC Motor
4. New 40 HP AC Motor Control
5. 1 kVA Control Transformer for 115 VAC controls
6. Barrel heaters
7. Qty (3) Die Heater Receptacles
8. 100 Amp Main Disconnect - 480V 3ph 100A

Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

1. New 24 to 1 Bi-metallic Barrel Xaloy 102
2. New Single stage screw for RPVC with spiral mixer
3. Hopper Approximately 150 LBS Capacity.
4. Heavy Duty Gear Box seals replaced and inspected, bearings as needed
5. Machine to be geared approx 0-65 Screw RPM belt driven
6. 9,500 PSI Rupture Disc
7. Frame Mounted NEMA 12 Control Panel
8. New barrel insulation
9. Machine to be stripped and re-painted to be presented in excellent condition
10. Qty (1) Breaker plate

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