Rebuilt 2" Welex Extruder with Warranty

Rebuilt 2” Welex Bluebell 24 to 1 Extruder

This machine includes combination of new and used parts with new wiring throughout.

The barrel is a  special order 800 series Xaloy in great condition

Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following:

  1. QTY (3) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (3) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including: mercury relays, new circuit breaker protection, new wiring throughout, thermocouples and Eurotherm 3208 digital temperature controllers
  2. New Motor STOP/START station, with used Screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays and new ten turn potentiometer.
  3. 30 HP AC Weg Motor
  4. 30 HP AC Vector Inverter Yaskawa A1000
  5. New 1000 VA Control Transformer for 115 VAC controls
  6. Barrel heaters wired for 480 VAC
  7. Qty (3) Die heater receptacles
  8. Qty (3) Barrel Blowers with relays for control
  9. Gefran Digital Melt Pressure Display/Melt Temperature Display
    1. 1st Alarm audible, 2nd alarm motor safety shut down
  10. 10000 PSI Transducer with Melt Probe
    1. Calibrated and programed with Gefran Melt Display
  11. 150 Amp 480 VAC Disconnect
  12. New 5 kVA Transformer for 240 V die power


Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

  1. 24:1 Barrel 800 Series Xaloy liner, with 4 bolt end, can accept swing gate!
  2. Rebuilt Screw
  3. Hopper shut off includes hopper magnet and hopper vibrator
  4. Gearbox appears in good condition and has new Agma 4 Oil
  5. Gearbox rated for 48 HP and is 10:1 PEZS230
  6. Machine to be geared to approx. 0-87 Screw RPM
  7. 10,000 PSI Rupture Disc
  8. Frame Mounted NEMA 12 Control Panel
  9. New barrel insulation
  10. Rebuilt barrel cover

Option # 1

Extra Die Zone

  1. Qty (1) Die Zone, Heat Only added to the machine
  2. Eurotherm 3208 Controller and all associated wiring
  3. Mercury relay and circuit breaker protection

                                                Option #1 Price              $1,245.00 ea

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