Rebuilt Killion 'KL Style' 1.25" 24 to 1 Extruder

Rebuilt Killion ‘KL Style’ 1.25” 24 to 1 Extruder
All New Frame Mounted Control Panel Housing the Following:
1. New: QTY (3) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (3) HEAT/ONLY die zones,
including solid state relays, circuit breaker and associated wiring and thermocouples,
AMS Digital Autotune Instruments
2. New: Motor STOP/START station, with Screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays, and
ten turn potentiometer.
3. New 10 HP AC Vector Motor Control.
4. 10 HP Blue Max AC Vector duty motor.
5. 250 VA control transformer
6. Ceramic Band High Temperature Heaters.
7. Qty (3) Die Heater Receptacles
8. Melt Pressure Display.
9. Gefran 40B pressure display with high pressure audible alarm.

Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:

1. 24 to 1 bi-metallic barrel
2. 4 bolt barrel flange with heated hose approx. 8 inches and JIC adapter
3. New FPVC Screw with Mixer 24 to 1 Screw.
4. Hopper Approximately 40 LBS.
5. Koellmann Heavy Duty Gear Box
6. Machine to be geared approx. 0-140 Screw RPM.
7. 9500 PSI Rupture Disc
8. Frame Mounted NEMA 12 Control Panel
9. High Temperature Insulation and Barrel Cover.
10. Casters and an adjustable barrel angle.

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