Shop Hand

Are you looking for a stable job with room for growth?

We are looking to hire an entry level member for our team. We are a small engineering firm that needs your help to keep the building clean and organized. The job responsibilities primarily include the following:

1) Janitorial duties for the building. Mostly cleaning, breaking down boxes, taking out trash, some pressure washing
2) Landscaping - We have a small building with a small lawn to be mowed and trees to be trimmed. We want it to look good!
3) Shipping and receiving – Every day we receive a few boxes. Sometimes its 1 or 2 sometimes it might be 5 or 6. Need them checked in properly and put away. 
4) Assistance with paint prep. This includes sanding and cleaning machinery. 

To be considered for the job please submit a resume with a list of professional experience via email to All applicants must pass a drug test. The work week is Monday thru Friday 7 am until 4 pm. We do offer overtime if you are looking for extra income and some weeks you can work 45 to 50 hours. 

There is room for growth for high performing individuals. At 90 days we will evaluate performance and there are several performance reviews throughout the year.