Used Boston Matthews 4” x 24” Extrusion Puller

Left to Right Machine, manufactured in 2000
Machine is in Excellent Condition
  1. 4” x 24” Left to Right Extrusion Puller
  2. Reliance Electric AC Vector Motor Control
  3. Heavy Duty Steel Frame, with fully enclosed guard
  4. Pushbutton Start/Stop Station with 10-turn potentiometer for speed control
  5. Red Lion Digital Voltmeter for Speed Display
  6. Reliance Electric 2 HP AC Vector Motor with Closed Loop control
  7. Geared approx 2-46 FPM
  8. Casters & Jack Screws
  9. Belts are approx 4” wide, can accept wider profiles
  10. Heavy duty natural gum rubber belts. Belts are in OK/good condition.
  11. Manual opening and closing of belts
  12. Machine painted Industrial Green
  13. 480 V / 3 phase / 5 Amp
  14. NEMA enclosure for all components
  15. E-Stop

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