Heated Vacuum Tank with Variable Control

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16 ft Vacuum Tank with Heated Startup Section

  1. 14’ SS water bath on tubular stainless steel frame
  2. Bath cross section is 8” deep x 10” wide with 3” thru hole in center
  3. Qty (1) 4’ Startup section of dedicated vacuum via 3 HP Vacuum Blower
  4. Qty (1) 4’ Startup section with dedicated heat option for hot water control for PLA
  5. Qty (1) SS Reservoir for for Startup Section
  6. Qty (1) 3 HP Stainless Steel Water Pump for Startup Section
  7. Water Pump to be controlled by NEMA enclosure with START/STOP station and thermal overload
  8. Vacuum Blower 3 HP controlled by AC motor and variable frequency inverter
  9. Start/Stop Push buttons with 10-turn potentiometer for vacuum control
  10. Vacuum Pressure Control System utilizes digital process controller for closed loop control to maintain precise vacuum level
  11. Digital Vacuum Pressure Display
  12. Digital Vacuum Process 0-100% display
  13. Vacuum Control to have Auto/Manual Vacuum Mode
  14. Qty (1) Analog Vacuum Gauge
  15. Qty (1) Analog Temperature Gauge
  16. Qty (1) 10’ Secondary section of non-vacuum submersed cooling
  17. Heat exchanger for secondary section - customer to supply own chiller connection
  18. Secondary Section Water Pump to be controlled by NEMA enclosure with START/STOP station and thermal overload
  19. Qty (1) 2 HP Stainless Steel Water Pump for Secondary Section
  20. Qty (1) SS Reservoir for for Secondary Section
  21. V-Groove Casters and Jack Screws
  22. Centerline height to be built for 42” industry standard with approx +/- 4” of adjustment on Z axis
  23. Right to Left Operation
  24. x-axis or y-axis adjustment and z adjustment via hand cranks
  25. Stainless Steel Reservoirs both have easy access for cleaning
  26. Maintenance friendly frame design allows direct line of site to all components
  27. Y-Strainer and filter included both pumps
  28. Qty (1) set of silicone gaskets for pass thru sections
  29. Plumbing to be stainless steel, or high temperature nylon fittings with clear hose
  30. Idlers with SS axles and brass holder. Adjustable manually with thumb screw to set location inside the bath. Idlers to have a CNC machined radius to support of extrusions
  31. Analog thermometer in bath
  32. Digital AMS temperature controller for solenoid control to heat exchanger
  33. Temperature controller utilizes PID control with fuzzy logic software
  34. 24” of covered air wipe volume at exit end with clear lids
  35. Air wipe units mounted in tank in dedicated water removal chamber
  36. Vacuum Chamber to have heavy duty glass lid with heavy duty gaskets
  37. Secondary Chambers to have clear lexan lids with heavy duty gaskets
  38. Water manifold for cooling connections
  39. Machine to be 480V / 3 ph / 15A (240V also available upon request)
  40. Stainless Steel Frame - No paint on the frame, no carbon steel to rust!