6" x 48" 4-Post Extreme Duty Belt Puller for Extrusion

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The AMS Extreme Duty Puller is ideal for high torque requirements.  A step up in design and controls compared to our Standard Duty belt puller, it features the following:

  • Qty (2) 2HP AC Motor
  • 5HP, Closed Loop, AC Yaskawa Motor Control Running Both Motors Synchronized
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame
  • Start/Stop Push Buttons
  • Digital Feet Per Minute Display with Calibration
  • Qty (2) Right Angle Gearboxes, Direct Drive
  • Geared Approx. 1-50 FPM Speed (Other speeds available)
  • Will Handle Extrusions up to 6" Wide
  • Heavy-Duty Urethane Belts, 3/4" Thick x 6" Wide
  • Dual Pneumatic Cylinder Opening and Closing of Belts for Superior Clamping Force
  • Hand Wheel Setting for Minimum Belt Opening
  • Machine Painted Industrial Tan
  • NEMA Enclosure For All Components
  • Adjustable Center Line Height (Set to 42.5" Standard)
  • 480VAC or 240VAC available
  • Swivel Casters
  • Jack Screws
Guarding available for additional price.

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